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It is estimated that we spend more than 100 hours per year waiting in line. This time is wasted and may be employed in more pleasant or productive activities.

QatHome ('Queue AT Home') is a website that allows users to queue online anywhere (for example at a doctor's practice, a museum, a post office, a restaurant, etc.. Once in the website the user has just to look for the place where he needs to queue, check the queue status and finally take the ticket online. The system will warn the user when its time to go and the real waiting time will be just a few minutes. If that is not enough, with QatHome it is possible to be served at any time in the following days and the website will queue instead of the user in order to have him called when he wants. Also in this case the user will be reminded at the right time.

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QatHome for managers

Empty your waiting room

QatHome ('Queue At Home') is the last evolution in queue management that lowers the number of people in your waiting room and removes the people that may stand outside the entrance before the opening hours in busy days. QatHome allows to take the ticket from the smartphone!

Make money

You can save money thanks to QatHome cloud technology and you can increase your revenues with custom ads in your tickets and by selling priority services.

Make it easy

No servers, easy to install and to use, it takes only one click to get in line and call the next user.

Make your customers and your employees happier

With QatHome your customers can queue from anywhere without having to stay in your waiting room. Your employees will benefit from a relaxed work environment, offering a better service to your customers.

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QatHome for doctors and healt care

QatHome is convenient for general practitioners bacause: Finally, for those who want more, QatHome kiosk will make your practice more efficient and modern.

QatHome is good for all waiting rooms, public and private, practices, local health autorities, reservation centers, etc..

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QatHome for developers

QatHome backend is reliable, scalable and fast.
It can be accessed for free at
Anyone who wants to develop an internet queuing system or a reservation system can do it with minimal effort by using the QatHome API interface. QatHome is flexible, safe, and has a lot of automatic testing, the best in the world.


The project started with an idea of the founders, Antonello Cherubini, Gastone Rosati e Claudio Santini, who where helping a mexican PhD student at their laboratory. Their friend couldn't move because he got his leg broken and the founders had to queue very many hours for his health care services.

So why not queueing online at the doctor's practice? And why not queuing online everywhere?

February 2015: the three founders started to imagine a new technology that could help the people to save time and could help the queue managers to empty their waiting rooms.
June 2015: the first version of QatHome web app was born and the first tests started at a doctor's practice in Pisa, Italy July 2015: QatHome got the approval from the University of Pisa and is used for the university admission queue, helping more than 5000 thousands student to save time. QatHome handled more than 600 people per day with online tickets ratio of 49 %. 'Internet queuing' started to become a reality on big numbers.
October 2015: QatHome started to deal with several customers and asked to become SpinOff from the best technical university in Italy, Sant'Anna University.

About us

Antonello Cherubini - CEO, sales

Antonello is a mechanical engineer from Politecnico di Milano, and Ph.D. in Emerging Digital Technologies at Sant’Anna University. Now is a researcher at University of Trento. He built a strong backgound in management and economics courses. Website.

Gastone Pietro Rosati Papini - server developer

Gastone has a MSc degree in automation angineering from University of Pisa, and Ph.D. in Emerging Digital Technologies at Sant’Anna University, an expert with cutting edge tools and programming languages. Now is assistant professor at University of Trento. Website.

Claudio Santini - client developer

Claudio has a bachelor degree in computer science and has several years of international work experience. Website.

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QatHome allows you to take the ticket from the smartphone! Picture by Francesco Orsi.

QatHome is the evolution of this

QatHome allows you to take the ticket from the smartphone!

QatHome allows you to take the ticket from the smartphone!

QatHome allows you to take the ticket from the smartphone!

QatHome kiosk, white. Allows to take the ticket as usual.

QatHome kiosk, black. QatHome is compatible with old users.

QatHome kiosk installed at a doctor's practice

QatHome lowers the number of people in your waiting room and removes the people that may stand outside the entrance before the opening hours.

If you use QatHome you can have less people in your waiting room.

The cloud architecture is the secret for the low cost of QatHome.

QatHome users in line at the bar, outside of the waiting room.

QatHome users waiting at the bar nearby.

Antonello and Gastone (right) together with the managers of the University of Pisa that is using QatHome. Picture from: Unipi.

Claudio (left) and Gastone (right) while programming the interface of the 60'' smart TV

Gastone (left) and Antonello (right), the founders.

Gastone (left) and Antonello (right), the founders.

Gastone (left) and Antonello (right), the founders, together with Chiara Marchetti that uses QatHome everyday at the general practioner's practice where she works.

Gastone Pietro Rosati Papini

Gastone, happy at the college admission center at University of Pisa where QatHome is used by more than 5000 students.

Chiara Marchetti, thanks to QatHome allows her patients to queue everywhere.

QatHome logo big.

QatHome logo small.