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Qathome customers: University of Pisa

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Empty your waiting room with our App

QATHOME ('Queue At Home') is the newest queue manager that allows to reduce the number of people in your waiting room. QATHOME allows to take the ticket from any smartphone!

Communicate effectively

QATHOME allows you to include your contents in the screen that shows the last called numbers, advertise your products or tell your users what you want them to know.

Make your customers and your employees happier

With QATHOME your customers can queue from anywhere without having to stay in your waiting room. Your employees will benefit from a relaxed work environment, offering a better service to your customers.

API access and easy rebranding for IT managers

For a full customization, QATHOME provides IT managers with API access and an open source client for easy rebranding.

QATHOME is very easy to use for me and for my patients, young and old.

Welcome desk employee, general practitioner, Pisa, Italy Chiara Marchetti

Finally I can check from the smartphone the number of people before me, without having to wait in the office.

Student, University of Pisa, Italy Gianmarco Brocchi

Frequently Asked Questions

To get in line insert in the address bar the complete adrress that you find on the ticket, for example: www.qathome.com/doctor
If you don't remember the exact address then go to the homepage, clik on 'Take a ticket' and and look for the name of the place where you want to queue, for example look for 'Smith' to see the queue at doctor Smith, clik on the search result and finally clik on 'Get in line now' to take a number
To manage your queue click on Register chosing the option 'To manage my queue' and chose the free pricing plan. After the registration you will have access to your own queue manager, you will be able to chose the web address where your user can check the queue status and, if you wish, your users will be able to take the ticket online.
QATHOME (Queue AT HOME) is the last evolution in queue management. Here are its main advantages:
QATHOME reduces the number of people in the waiting room, providing a more relaxed work environment and improving the customer service:
QATHOME dramatically reduces the line of people that is sometimes out of the entrance before the opening hours.
QATHOME offers much more, such as the possibility of knowing the name of the next users in line, statistic reports of your queue, custom advertisements on tickets, etc..
On big queues QATHOME reached average online queuing up to 37% with daily peaks of 49% , thus significantly reducing the number of people in the waiting room. QATHOME reduces almost to zero the number of people that may be waiting outside the entrance before the opening hours.
QATHOME is designed to best satisfy all the queue managers that usually have their users in a waiting room. QATHOME is flexible and is suitable for any need.
Queue management with classical paper tickets, for example at a doctor's practice:
- The first patient arrives, the doctor (or the secretary) gives a paper ticket 'number 1' and asks to the patient to wait in the waiting room. The patient must wait all time in the waiting room.
- The second patient arrives, the doctor (or the secretary) gives the number 2 and asks to the patient to wait in the waiting room. The patient must wait all time in the waiting room.
- Etc.. etc..
- Then the doctor (or the secretary) calls the user number one, number two, and so on..
For example at a doctor's practice:
- The first patient arrives, the doctor (or the secretary) clicks on 'Add a user in line' and writes down the number to the patient.
The patient is free to go out and he can check in real time how many people are before him.
- The second patient is at home and wants to see the doctor, goes on qathome.com and takes number 2.
The patient waits at home checking the queue from his pc/smartphone.
- Etc..
- Then the doctor (or the secretary) clicks on 'Next' and calls the next user. The patients see in real time who is the last called.
QATHOME is already used with satisfaction by several doctors in Italy and by the University of Pisa for the admission queue where there are more than 600 people per day.
QATHOME is extremely easy to use, it takes one click to call the next and one click to add a user in line.
QATHOME does not increase the number of no-shows. Manual no-show conuting in our offices results in 16.7% to 19.5% of no shows. This has to be compared with a 25% in conventional queues of similar length based on paper tickets.
Together with the number on the smartphone, the user has a unique control code that can be checked by the employee at the desk. With QATHOME it's impossible to cheat.
QATHOME is perfect for all kind of users. The conventional ticket paper is available to all those users that don't have an internet connection. The paper ticket can be issued manually from the front desk employees or automatically from our kiosk.
Yes, with QATHOME your are free to manage your queue as you like. You can switch on and off the online ticket avalability at any time. Even when the online ticket is not available, your users will be able to check the queue from their smartphone and wait wherever they want, maybe at the food court nearby.

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